This page is dedicated to a floorball world ranking system based on the system Arpad Elo developed to rank chess players. A couple of adjustments had to be made for a better fit to floorbal, including additions of factors for home field advantage, goal margins and overtime wins.

International floorball data gathered at IFF.

The list of international games on the IFF site above is not complete, and that means that the rankings is not complete.

On this page I will update the rankings at least five times a year (one after each international weekend, and once after the WFC). The schedule is shown to the right. Above this I will make predictions and/or reviews of big happenings as qualifications and championships in blog posts if I have the time.

The system is still a work in progress. After every change in the system I will post a system update, stating what changes were made and what they do in the grand scheme of things.

Joel Milesson